Clareti Transaction Control

Changing the face of transactional technology

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In Clareti Transaction Control (CTC) Gresham has developed a new breed of matching and reconciliations technology.

Its sophisticated heuristics algo isn’t constrained by a fixed data model and can take multiple feeds, matching in multiple ways. Automated comparison, verification and validation ensure regulatory compliance and protection from financial loss, while real-time visibility of transactional data at any moment guarantees transparency.

Offering the fastest deployment in the industry, CTC can be implemented and onboarded within days, while new controls can be added quickly, in response to internal or regulatory change.

The high performance achieved during this most recent benchmark shows that CTC can be used in extremely high-volume, low-latency environments to give operational certainty to financial organisations and infrastructure providers conducting billions of transactions per hour in fast-moving markets

CTC enables:

  • Very rapid reconciliation, verification and validation of transactions
  • Quick identification of data errors and operational risks
  • Rich user interface with real-time updates across multiple users
  • High performance in-memory data grid to match transactions in real-time
  • Easily configurable to new rules or workflows
  • Extensive reporting capabilities; on-screen dashboards or PDFs for a full audit trail
  • The removal of complex and risky offline spreadsheets
  • Easy to use, configurable in-house
  • Proven replacement and alternative to costly, legacy technologies