Director/PDMR Shareholding

13 June 2014

Gresham Computing plc (the “Company” or “Gresham”) received notification on 12th June 2014 from Kestrel Partners LLP (“Kestrel”) that on 9th June 2014 it acquired, on behalf of its discretionary clients, 33,000 ordinary shares of 5p each (“Shares”) in the Company at a price of £1.32136 per share.

Kestrel is the investment manager to Kestrel Opportunities, a cell of Guernsey Portfolios PCC Limited (“Kestrel Opportunities”), and various other clients. This disclosure relates to indirect Shares and voting rights in the Company that are managed by Kestrel on a discretionary basis.

Mr Royde is a partner of, and holds a beneficial interest in Kestrel. Mr Royde is also a shareholder in Kestrel Opportunities and is therefore deemed to have a legal beneficial interest in Kestrel Opportunities’ entire legal holding in Gresham.

Prior to this purchase of Shares, Kestrel on a combined basis indirectly held Shares and voting rights over 5,544,354 Shares in the Company.

Following this transaction, Kestrel Opportunities holds (and consequently Mr Royde is deemed to have a legal beneficial interest in) 5,432,354 Shares in the Company. Kestrel’s other discretionary clients, in which Mr Royde has no legal beneficial interest, hold a further 145,000 Shares in the Company.

On a combined basis, Kestrel indirectly holds voting rights over 5,577,354 Shares in the Company, which represents approximately 8.82 per cent of the Company’s issued share capital.

Kestrel’s interest in the Shares in the Company is held through the following nominees:

Holding type


No. of shares

% of issued share capital


Rose Nominees Limited




JIM Nominees Limited




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