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Clareti Transaction Control (CTC)

A much needed step change in reconciliation software

Clareti Transaction Control (CTC) is our patent pending easily deployed best in class, enterprise technology platform. CTC is a robust, industrial strength solution that enables customers to quickly and accurately identify and resolve operational risks, reduce financial transaction loss events, quickly reconcile, verify and validate transactions, comply with regulatory requirements and optimize business performance.

Gresham’s approach allows real-time, business driven controls to be put in place as soon as a new financial product is created. This means that errors can be identified and rectified from the start (T+0) of a business cycle, thereby preventing potential discrepancies or loss events in the future – our focus is on preventing errors not just detecting them. Unless controls are put in place at the outset, errors will often only come to light much later in the transaction lifecycle, for example, after the trade has been completed and an error identified during the Nostro reconciliation ‘detect’ process.

Based on the latest technology, Gresham’s robust solution offers maximum flexibility and adaptability to respond to changing reconciliation and transaction needs. This is in complete contrast to legacy hard-coded systems which are cumbersome, costly and time consuming to change.

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